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Why Malta

Over the past few years, Malta has seen a drive by government to promote the islands’ development as a prime international business, financial and maritime centre. 

As a result of Malta’s membership of the European Union and the consequent adoption of Community legislation, and also because Malta complies with the policies and directives of international organisations such as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Malta enjoys an excellent reputation and track record.

Malta has all the advantages of an EU jurisdiction (including EU regulatory framework, euro as a currency etc) but with a comparatively low cost base.

Malta is an attractive EU-approved tax refund and Participation Exemption regime. Exemption from tax on transfers of shares and securities held by non-residents (except for shares in companies owning real estate in Malta) and other exemptions

Malta offers an interesting scheme for foreign individuals who relocate to Malta- the global residence programme


The benefits of buying a property in Malta and its neighboring island of Gozo, are various, excellent weather, low crime rate, political stability, a favourable tax regime and good heathcare have attracted various foreigners for decadesAcquiring a property in Malta 

Also foreign professionals who take up employment in Malta in target sectors instead of tax rates of up to 35 per cent, tax will be limited to 15 per cent on their salary- EXPATRIATES WORKING IN MALTA 

Malta is becoming increasingly popular as a fund jurisdiction as more funds, notably hedge funds, choose Malta as their domicile.  EU membership has positioned Malta on a level playing field with other member states.  Through the UCITS directive, membership means the jurisdiction can offer pass porting rights so that investment services and UCITS schemes may be registered in Malta and then offered to any EU country. ) Funds

 Malta has an extensive double taxation treaty network including (all EU Member States)

Malta can boast of a high standard of education and there are highly qualified specialist English speaking professionals from all fields

Malta also offers a unique combination of Mediterranean Europe’s life and culture. Coupled with is cosmopolitan attitude toward global business, good location and temperate climate, Malta’s consistent, world class banking structure, leading edge technology infrastructure and highly educated multi lingual citizenry have made it a prime jurisdiction for many international companies.