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Investment Tax Credits & Micro-Invest

Investment Tax Credits

Investment Tax Credits are available to companies engaged in a qualifying activity. A qualifying activity includes such activities as the following: manufacturing, information technology, call centre activities, research and development and innovation, eco-innovation, waste treatment and environmental solutions, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, filming and audio visual activities, provision of tertiary education, provision of health care services, logistics operations by large undertakings,freeportactivities, hotels and knowledge intensive business services.

Tax credits are based on either the cost of tangible assets invested or on the cost wages for jobs created by the project. Tax credits are also based on the size of the enterprise, whereby the smaller the enterprise the higher the value of the investment aid. Tax credits not absorbed in one year are allowed to be carried forward and increased by an annual percentage rate.

Enterprises which are engaged in a qualifying activity may apply for the pre-approval of their project provided that the project’s estimated value exceeds €1 million or the project will result in the creation of at least 20 new jobs. For projects to be considered eligible, they must start before 31 December 2014 and be completed within two years from the commencement date, which shall not be later than 31 December 2015. In any case, work on the project cannot start before formal approval is obtained from the Malta Enterprise.

 Applications and other supporting documentation for the pre-approval of an investment project must be filed with Malta Enterprise by 31st January 2014

Micro-Invest 2013

This scheme supports micro enterprises and the self-employed (employing up to 30 persons as at 30th November 2012) that invest in their business, innovate, expand, implement compliance directives and/or develop their operations. Micro enterprises and self-employed will be supported through a tax credit representing a percentage of the eligible expenditure and wages of newly recruited employees and/or apprentices.

The Micro- Invest 2013 covers costs incurred and paid for between 1st January 2013 and 31st December 2013 for:

• Furbishing and upgrading of business premises for improved operations;

• Machinery or technologies to improve operations;

• Investments which enable compliance with regulations, including Health & Safety, Environment Directives and Physical Access;

• Cost of one commercial vehicle as long as such vehicle is involved in the transport of goods as specified in the guidelines;

• Wage Costs for new jobs created.

Applications for assistance will be received until the 28th March 2014.

Our Assistance

Our team can assist in the application process for the pre-approval of projects which will also include liaising with Malta Enterprise until the approval is acquired.


Carol Cassar Torreggiani BA (International Business Mgment), FCCA, MQR

Email: cct@vca.com.mt

Tel: 21333680