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Cavalier LogoCavalier Trust Services Limited is an offshoot of two well-established professional service firms: Buttigieg & Refalo, one of Malta's leading commercial law firms, and VCA. Cavalier Trust Services Limited is a private licensed trust company licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority. The Company enjoys the professional trustee status in terms of the Trust and Trustees Act 2004. The management team is made up of lawyers, accountants and financial advisors, bringing together the strategic mix of experience necessary for the running of a high-calibre trust operation. 

Commitment to quality
A primary objective of Cavalier Trust Services Limited is to protect and enhance the degree of trust that has come to be placed in the work carried out under our respective names and to use this earned high credibility as a base to offer to our clients other specialised services.

The directors of the company are all professionals excelling in their areas of specialisation. 


Professor Ian Refalo B.A. LL.D. Senior partner Buttigieg & Refalo advocates, Faculty of Law-University of Malta

Dr. John Refalo LL.D. Partner − Buttigieg & Refalo Advocates

Mr. Vincent Curmi MIA FAIA CPA Founding partner VCA Corporate trust & tax advisor

Mr. Michael Curmi BA(HONS)
Partner VCA consultancy & tax department

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